Word Studies for the Week of December 23, 2018

December 23 ● Advent 4 – Anticipating God: Magnifying ● Luke 1:39-55

To magnify means to enlarge, so Mary tells God’s story to see him bigger. Does this work what might help you see God bigger in your eyes?

If you had some good news who would be the first person you share it with? Why would you choose this person?

If you had some bad news would you first share it with the same person or would choose another? How come?

What might be some of the reasons Mary traveled a long way to see Elizabeth?

How does Elizabeth come to the knowledge about Mary’s motherhood and Jesus’ identify? What might this about how God communicates important things to us?

What hopes and dreams does Mary articulate in her song of praise (Commonly known as “The Magnificat”), which ones are surprising to you and why?

What conditions in her life might have led Mary to express the hopes that she does (cast the mighty from their thrones, send the rich away empty, etc.)? Which ones do you identify with?


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