Word Studies for the Week of April 21, 2019

April 21 ● Resurrection Sunday – Knowing the Risen One: The Resurrection of Christ ● John 20:1-18

Put yourself in Mary Magdalene’s place as she came up to the tomb and saw the stone rolled away, would she have immediately thought that this was good news? Why might she be suspicious?

Do people really believe that one can truly rise from the dead? What makes it hard for people to accept the good news?

What might account for the different conclusions about the meaning of the empty tomb between Peter and the other disciple? Why does the other one believe and Peter not seem to understand at first?

Why might Mary Magdalene fail to recognize who Jesus is at first? What was getting in the way?

What gets in the way of your truly accepting the hope we have in the resurrection? What attitudes, expectations, or experiences get in the way of being completely open to hope?

Why does Jesus ask Mary Magdalene to refrain from holding on to her? What might this be about?

Are there ways that we try to hold on to Jesus that might make it hard for other people to be open to the gospel?


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