In person prayer this Sunday June 21 8:30, 9:00 & 11 AM

In Person Prayer Survey

While our main service will continue to be streamed on Facebook Live and YouTube Live, Holy Cross will be offering 3 times for smaller gatherings to pray at our church before we begin to move on to new location at the end of the month.   At each time we will have a 20 minute in person service.  Please click on the link and submit the survey as to if you think you would be attending.  If you answer yes, you will be directed to choose a time and how many would come from your family.

We will gather in the parking lot for prayer- we will pray in the 2002 sanctuary; we will move to pray in the 1963 building and conclude the service in the courtyard.

Please use prayerful judgement if you are at risk or have been exposed to the virus,  do not force yourself to come.

Pastor Knecht is willing to schedule individual appointments with him using social distance guidelines at other times.  Please contact the church office

Due to COVID-19 we will have to abide by the following protocol during services.

  1. All participants shall wear masks
  2. Social distancing is required.  (members of the same household may stand together).
  3. Restrooms will be for emergency use only and only one person at a time may use one.
  4. We will be standing for the entire service
  5. No more than 15 people for each session.
  6. We will gather outside as a group before entering the building.
  7. All doors will be propped open.
In Person Prayer Survey


Social Distance Markers in our Sanctuary


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